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A Note from Michael Weber, Owner, New Heights Rentals


Thank you for your interest in New Heights Rentals.  We are your premier four-season Utah adventure outfitter.  Our passion for ATV/Snowmobile riding results in one of the best customer experiences in the area. 


I founded New Heights after recognizing an opportunity to create a unique adventure experience for visitors and locals of the Park City, Heber City, and surrounding area.  A passionate and longtime member of the local ATV/Snowmobile rental/touring industry, it has been thrilling to be part of the tremendous growth of riding in our area.  But growth brings challenges – and I became frustrated watching companies begin to sacrifice personalized attention and quality for simply “getting more people out on the trails more quickly.”  This practice generates revenues but not necessarily a great experience for customers.


We’re different in that our staff are also enthusiasts.  We ride the same trails our customers do and know the best routes for all rider levels.  We ride the same machines.  We have zero tolerance for equipment delays and mechanical issues.  We know changing weather conditions and the impacts they have on various trail areas.  We know what makes a great ride and are committed to delivering that experience to our customers.


We spend time learning about each customer’s abilities, comfort with the machines and goals for their adventure.  We then work to create an exceptional custom experience – supported by brand new machines, knowledgeable staff and a desire to make our customers lifelong friends.


Thanks again for your interest and your support.  We look forward to helping you take your Utah OFFROAD adventures to New Heights.


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