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New Heights Rentals is making it easier than ever to enjoy this beautiful place that we live.


Your Home:

    - Whether you're heading on vacation or you live near a trailhead, New Heights Rentals will deliver the RZR/ATV's to your front door.  We believe this service will allow you to enjoy more time with your family.  Simply make a reservation and we will show up at a time convenient to you, check out the equipment and leave you and your family to start your adventure.  Renting a cabin nearby? Imagine having the equipment already waiting for you when you arrive! This delivery service is FREE! This service applies to Heber, Midway, Charleston, Wallsburg, Daniel.  



    - Don't have a trailer?  New Heights Rentals has a location just seconds from the Cascade Springs trailhead where you can be on the trails within minutes.  Don't worry about hooking up to the trailer and unloading the RZR/ATV's, we'll do all the work so you can begin your adventure right away! A trail map is included as well as our experienced staff recommending their favorite trails.  This service is FREE!



    - Own or Rent a cabin in Timberlakes? New Heights Rentals will deliver the RZR/ATV's straight to your front door. Access the beautiful Uinta Mountains with no effort at all.  This delivery service is FREE!







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